University struggles

Throughout secondary school my education was a struggle but my determination and eagerness to learn allowed me to continue, knowing I had to be there helped the matter. I enjoyed being organised and actually found it fun! Plus it was easy to do well, even if you misbehaved in lessons because the work was not too difficult. I

Goung into my A levels, I faced some hurdles. My two best friends died in the first year and did not see the point in continuing, especially when my friends from the college left. I split up with my first boyfriend of 2 years and everything seemed unsure. My AS levels were shocking and I knew I had to make loads of effort if I was to leave my A levels with good marks. So I got stuck in, put in 100% effort, got fascinated with organisation and reading.

Now upon entering university I have gone downhill. My second year mark is 55.5, a 2.2, the essays I put most effort into I got a low mark, the ones I put least effort I have the highest mark. How does that make sense? I have one year left, needing 2:1’s and 1sts to actually get somewhere. I know I can make more effort, in terms of doing my uni work 9-5 Monday to Friday, as someone once told me you have to treat your last year as a full time job so that is what I will do.

I am terrified, I need a 2:1 to progress further with another course. How am I going to do it.

I really do not want to be a failure.


I would appreciate it if you could write your tips for getting higher marks, organisation ideas, any planners you recommend, anything really.

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6 Replies to “University struggles”

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your two best friends and the struggle you’ve faced. It’s not easy! It seems ironic, that I, a university drop out is going to give you a bit of advice… (I’ve written a post about it )

    Here goes. Could you speak to your personal tutor about this? or email your lecturers and let them know what’s going on. There is SO much they can do, but we often assume there is little support. Do you have people to turn to for academic support?

    Get a day to day planner that leaves you a page for the whole day. It’s simple ways and im sure you’ve tried and heard it many times.
    Break down revision, notes and essays. Do something in the morning and test yourself at the end of the day. Sounds silly but buying new stationary is motivating for me. Get yourself colourful sticky notes etc. Set yourself a routine to follow every day. Not too stressful – one that works for you. and just stick to it as best as you can.

    Otherwise it’s really just down to working consistently. Keep working and it will work. You got this!!

    P.S apologies if the advise I gave was very generic and common.

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    1. I have asked my tutor for help a couple times before, they just said I should attend the lectures they have at the university for techniques, reading and essay writing. Not really touching upon specific details for my course.
      Isn’t it so inspiring to see the poor amount of effort my lectures and tutors give to individual help. They will meet to look at your ideas but never speak of improvements. Think next year I will be more direct and meet with each and every one, once I have a plan.
      It’s a shame really that there isn’t that type of support I would like.
      I really appreciate your comment, I have had some tough years but am all fine now just struggling to see the end of uni!! Every little helps, and your comment is refreshing and honest.

      I’m going to get over to your page to read the blog you tagged.
      Thanks again x


  2. Ah, that’s terrible! You’d assume that by paying £9K a year, there would be adequate support for students. That sounds like a good plan. Meet with them personally. They can’t refuse to help, if you’re asking for it. All the best with it.

    You’re welcome x


  3. 9-5 really does work, I pushed my 2:1 up to a first after slogging it out Monday to Friday. When you’re feeling slightly off or down make sure you have a break, it’s important that you’re feeling okay and your work will be better for it. Also, I found exercising in the morning a great way to start the day and it helps you feel relaxed before work. Good luck!! You’ll be fine


    1. Aw, feeling slightly more motivated now. Think I’m going to write out a routine and stick to it!!!
      How did you keep motivated throughout the whole year? Did you not feel so depressed?!
      Well done, a first is amazing :£


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