This arguement has been a constant topic of conversation, in private and public. Strangers are wanting to know your opinion, workers serving you are asking. People uploading there opinions on Facebook, and huge signs are increasingly going up in people’s gardens.

I wish people didn’t speak of their reasons to leave or remain as so matter of fact because nobody can give promises either way. A good debate but now people are not only judging you, pushing there reasons onto you. S

Tomorrow I will vote to leave.

And no, I am not racist. No, immigration isn’t my sole reason. No Im not scared and no I am not stupid.

5 of the most pushy people I spoke about this are not even registered.

Sadly, people are using the fear of looking racist to create a decision that will affect generations. Leaving the EU is not about that but instead about money and the UK will hopefully be better of in the future. 

People need to stop looking for others for answers. Do your own research, be critical and gain a rounded opinion. 

But let’s be honest, no one really fucking knows what’s going to happen so people should stop speaking like they do. 

Tomorrow is the day. 


5 Replies to “Brexit”

  1. Kind of weird that I read this today, as I saw in on my feed yesterday as well. This morning upon waking up my grandmother told me that UK actually left and I was just wondering what you were going to say about this haha!
    But your post is really well-grounded, congrats!


    1. Oh be lucky you are not here! People all over social media and in public are becoming so opinionated over the matter. Crazy really how everyone is trying to tell each other what will happen next when to be honest, no one does! But i am happy with the new decision, it’s just a shame our prime minister has resigned as a result.
      I’m interested to know what your grandmother thought?
      Aw thank you 🙂

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