Goodbyes to him

Quick update: me and the mr did our usual Sunday routine. Up at 7am to sort the day. Check out our new DIY plan for the weekend. This is the plan I’ll update a photo once it’s complete. 

The Goodbye Bit

It comes that time again where I have to say goodbye to my hubby. 
When I’m at university its okay, I have loads to do on a Sunday and actually have a routine from when he’s gone till he is back. Always keeping focused on my work so I have time with him when he’s home. 

But finishing university for the summer, with nothing I have to do makes it all that bit emotional. Even though I should be used to saying goodbye by now, I am not. 

Especially when I feel I need him for emotional stability and company. I just enjoy my time with him so much. 

I guess it doesn’t help when he’s been able to come back mostly every weekend recently.

I guess it doesn’t help that I have a wedding to attend on Saturday and he won’t find out if he can come till Thursday.

I guess it doesn’t help that my birthday is the weekend after and I won’t find out if he can attend that to next Friday.

I guess his military life where work comes first doesn’t always gel nicely with me. 

I just have to make out I’m not that bothered because it’ll make him worse. Ahhh life can be annoying. Constantly changing, plans are always liquid. 

Goodbyes are hard regardless. But never knowing when you will see that person again makes it that little bit tougher. Just the thought of the rush when you say bye, the emotions of sadness and knowing time is running out. The last hug, the last kiss. Then repeat and repeat again til one of us cuts the cord. 

All you can ultimately say is, be safe, text me, I’ll be thinking of you. And then, it’s done. You have to walk away, wave, get into your car feeling that little bit more empty inside. 

Then the drive home, the drive to being on your own again. Absorbing lyrics to the songs on the radio.

But goodbyes never last forever, and once it’s done you just get on with and routine comes back. Reality sinks in and the mundane takes over. 

At least it’s over and I can look forward to when I next see him. And atleast I have Floyd, our dog as a memory of him. 



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