Guidance for living with people

I have spent the last 3 years living with people, in particular students. Either way, I have learnt so much and wish I knew these things before. 


Make sure you fully understand your bills, do not take full responsibility for it and don’t take no responsibility. You want to know how much it is, how you pay it and why. This is a must, the first year all my housemates sent money to one housemate and the bills were not being paid. It was horrible getting repeat letters. We paid above and beyond. We all took her word for it and we all lost. So make sure you fully understand. 

Bills are stressful, and it makes it worse if you don’t stay on top of it. 


If you use someone else’s food just buy the item back for it.  Never steal someone else’s food, just ask. My second year I really struggled financially and it was so annoying when someone kept taking things, even if it was small it all adds up 


Try and understand your money issues, this year I had to say to my house mates I could no longer afford to pay £20 each month for sky. Even though I knew they loved watching all the programmes and films. So I found a Virgin package that was cheaper. Be honest and be fair. 


Make sure you follow your standards. My first year the house was horrible and dirty. The second year I thought, I want a nice clean house. Things never quite work out like that but be aware that, if you keep cleaning like you would anyway, then people will be more careful with mess. Let them know if someone isn’t pulling there weight. But say it nicely and do not be too picky. 


When you live with people noise is inevitable. Unless they are being ridiculously loud without warning for ages, then message them. But my advice is to leave it because it really isn’t worth the effort. 


Try and bond well with your housemates. I am not the best at this, because I can be like a social recluse. I have my own friends so don’t tend to get involved with house events. But arrange to cook a meal every now and then, or a takeaway, or a night out. Saying that, sitting in the lounge with them makes the world of a difference. 


I have never lived with less than 6 people each year. Which is crazy. If you think you will love it. Try it for the first year. But don’t make the mistake again, listen to yourself and learn. This year I will be living with my best friend, and then mid year I’ll move to my best friend and boyfriend. 

Your room

Make your room as homely as possible with as less as possible. When I first moved out, I had a lot of STUFF then when I felt lonely and went and brought more to make it more homely. Do not do that mistake. This year I have spent 2 days de cluttering everything. I think of all the money I spent for most of it I am not keeping. When I move with my partner we want a clean and contemporary feel so it’s a waste.

Disliking people 

You will always find things that will bug you when you move in with someone. Always. Me and my best friend disliked the exact same person one year and then again the year after. I kept quite but one day she told the girl, she didn’t like her. It did not go well. Don’t like someone discuss it to your family or trustworthy people.  Do not tell them. Do not make it obvious. Plod on. 

Lending money

When you live together, nights out, takeaways or general shopping people will try and borrow minor amounts of money. Do not do it. Even if it’s £2 or £0.60p. It all adds up, trust me. One time, I paid for the taxi for us to get home they said each would give me £4.00 and one person. I was out of pocket £24 and I felt too awkward to pester. Things like that happen all the time. Don’t do it 🙂

I hope you take on this advice and bear it in mind because it’ll help


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