Best friend update

And she is still seeing the married man. As well as getting back with her long term ex boyfriend.  Gosh I cannot cope.

3 months ago we had a conversation about her birthday, and how she wanted to go to Ireland for 4 days. I told her outright, I really don’t think I will be able to, I have a Malaysia trip I’ll have to pay for so lack of funds and a lack of time cause I will be in my last year of university. 

She was livid. Having a go at me and being a pain, so on the spot I changed my plan and said I would go for one day/ night and then come back. 

Well, my birthday is coming up, this Saturday. My plan was a birthday meal, and then cocktail bar. Guess what, her now boyfriend’s cousin is getting married on the same day (a cousin she has never met)! So she messaged me a long message saying that she can’t allow her boyfriend to go all on his own (even though he is going with his sister and mother) and it would be rude to attend the ceremony and then reception for a few hours. Hmmm even though I just attended a wedding at the weekend and only stayed for 4 hours. 

I am so angry that she had such a go at me and I have done nothing but be there for her and now she has put me second place to her boyfriend that she has been sleeping with another guy with. 

So I have arranged to change the day to Friday and Friday is difficult to a couple of my other best friends. 

Lord help me! 

As you can tell by this rant I am so pissed off. 

Guess my birthday this year is going to be pretty crap. 

Atleast I now I won’t have to make the impossible Ireland trip possible now. 



2 Replies to “Best friend update”

  1. Yes, I agree with ContemporayMinimalist.

    I was in a similar situation with my former best friend. She was practically a sister to me, and it was very hard for me to cut her off, but I did and I am much happier now. She unfortunately will never see the wrongs in what she did but that’s okay.

    YOUR birthday is YOUR day. I can understand how much you would want your best friend to be there, but if it was important to her, she would go.

    You take care of you, first.


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