Where have I been?

update: I really wanted to write a blog all the time but I did it, forgot about it and left it. So here’s what I’ve been doing, possibly needing some guidance about the situation. 

I have been with my partner a little while. His family without going too much into it are completely different to any other people I have met. In particular I have issues with his sister, who he lives with

His sister was diagnosed with an illness when she was young, medication for her had side affects of aggression. Her family with the aid of being delighted she was alive, put up with it. Never have they told her off properly for the way she is. 

Despite her caring and spoilt upbringing which is still continued despite her being nearly 30, she has no compassion. 

Anyhow, since I have met her she has showed sides I really have disliked. She is incredibly moody at times to the point where everyone knows about it and is expected to behave the way she wants. She is ultra opinionated, without ever, ever listening or recognising someone else. Most of the time her opinion has no evidence behind it. She tells white lies, for example telling her family, plus my partner that a dog counsellor had told her that the only reason why our new dog loves me, is because I am passive. (Despite the fact I have the dog 60% of the time and give the the dog love and decipline). On top of all that she can be incredibly rude. 

It has been getting me down the past few months because she is being rude to me and I literally do not let anyone speak to me the way she does and it makes me mad!

Friday I was on the phone to my sister, finding out how she was. The sister interrupted me, on the phone! And said, ‘excuse me, you are not planning anything with max, he already has plans to see his father’. Whilst on the phone! And what’s worse? That’s not what we was even talking to my sister about. I kept my mouth quiet but deep down I wanted to tell her straight. She continually speaks of things she has no idea about because she believes she has the power and runs the rooster. 

I’ve argued with Max about it as he cannot understand why its bothering me so much now. I have now told him how it makes me feel and so there won’t be any argue img about her now but it’s not the point. I never thought I would have a problem with anyone’s family, but I can’t stand her. 

I think what makes things worse is that, I come across 100% nice, polite , happy go lucky and non judgemental. So what’s the problem! 

Now I have gone through max, I think I will keep doing so when I am upset. So, without sounding like a bitch she can realise there relationship will not be good if she disrespects me all the time. 

Gosh that feels so much better and I haven’t even said a fraction of what she does! 

Anyone else have issues with boyfriends family, how did you tackle it’s? Or anyone am I doing the right thing?


5 Replies to “Where have I been?”

  1. Honey, you don’t have to put up with such disrespect. But honestly, I know what you’re going through. My mom is a diagnosed schizofrenic and it had a really bad effect on her but I somehow manage to accept her attitude at times because I live with her and I can’t just run away from home again just because my mom was affected by her mental illness.
    Apart from that, the problem I have with my boyfriend is that we’ve been together since January 29th this year and he’s still “not ready” to tell his parents that we’re together to let him come camping at the beach with me which I’ll be going to on Wednesday. Like how the hell am I supposed to accept that shit? To me, it seems like he does not take our relationship as a serious and long-term one.
    Sorry, had to get that off my chest.


    1. We have so many similarities my mother has mental health issues too. Heard about the super hot weather where you are! Have you asked him what he is afraid of, his parents do not need to know.
      The other halfs family is such a big deal, because all you want is to be liked!

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