Are children blind to mental illness?

when I was young, I knew my home life was different. 

My dad used to come and go, leaving my mum totally destraught. Yes there was violence on his part but he brainwashed me into thinking he was the good guy. Nonetheless, I would always sleep with mum when he went. I remember her sitting on the stairs in the middle of the night crying, I came up and wiped her tears, telling her how much I love her and we should go to sleep. I was 6 years old. One day my dad never came back and I never left my mums side. 

After a while, my mums bitter sadness stayed. I knew something was up but i just carried on loving her and doing as I was told. My mum did have a temper and did put my in my place if I misbehaved. It was hard at the time but it defiantly has shaped my tolerance and respect today. 

My mother constantly cleaned, from 5am till 8pm. Friends came over shoes were off and slippers given. Simple things of, I would never be able to bake or cook, not even toast because of crumbs. It was only staying at my friends house did I notice how different everyday life was for me. 

I knew my mum wasn’t quite right from as early on as I can remember, but I knew my mum had mental health problems at 13 when Dr’s came round to give her injections. My mum was all means ‘normal’ most of the time, she just thought differently. 

Today I ask the question, do children know? In my case yes. But my two little sisters have no idea, they now live life like mum is ‘normal’ at 12 and 15 they have not even recognised mums mental health. 

Children are like animals, they might not fully understand what’s going on but there instinct can tell something’s different. 

How true is this quote? 


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