My busy planned August 

August I knew would be such a busy month. 

My partner has his longest break of 3 weeks, moving in with his sister and him. By gosh was it so much effort to declutter my whole belongings (contemporary minimalist you’d be happy). Took 16 hours of my partners brutal opinions of ‘do you really need that’ to chuck. All that ‘stuff’ I kept. Just in case I’d use it! Or, just in case I buy the matching buttoms etc! 

Second of all, I had to move out of my current apartment, making sure everything was to professional standard. In a 60 year old building was hard. A bit of elbow greese and 6 bottles of bleach I can actually say, I’ve finished. 

Third if all, I had my assessment for dyspraxia, and it is confirmed I have it. I will write a blog about it because it has impacted my whole life. 

Plus my dog had to get castrated on the 1st and gotta donate blood tomorrow! Which has disappointed my whole, get through the day and i can have a bottle! 😦

Left to do is hand over the keys to my apartment and allow the landlord to pick at my imperfections and spend some actual time with my partner before he gets sent back to military. Whilst maintaining our whole idea of our new house in November. By idea I mean, picking out every bit of furniture, room decoration for a 2 bedroom house, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and hallways and on top of that getting an archetic to design our extension 
As you can probably tell, I am already stressed about August  


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