Living with Dyspraxia ,

Dear Dyspraxia,

If I look at all the damage you have done, I could almost say you have ruined my life. Little things from a young age, giving me a speech impediment. Which caused me such embarrassment and slow start at school, not even adding  to the worry and the extra effort it must have caused for my mum and family. From being bottom of my set at school, something was always slightly different.  Nothing major, just slight. Bumping into things, not being able to cut with scissors neatly, colouring in badly etc. Which often labelled me, ‘clumpsy’ or ‘lazy’. I used my new secondary school as a new stepping stone and really worked hard to achieve the GCSE’s I did. It was when essays and exams became more essay based and writing of A Levels that allowed teachers to constantly call me ‘lazy’, and inbetween life circumstances began.

Now a little bit older, I struggle to not spill my drink whilst walking, I struggle with my sense of direction, I struggle with not being heavy handed, I struggle with the little things of making it neat, despite my desire for it.  Now my label is, ‘blonde’ and ‘I can’t believe you sometimes!’

My dyspraxia tends not to affect me in social situations, something of a younger daze that I grew out of, and quickly. But all my clumsy ways never leaves my side.

Starting at University my work was mediocre, but constantly ‘bad syntax’ kept cropping up. No matter how many hours I put in it just never used reflect my true effort. Now going into my third year, I swallowed the expense of the assessment and did it.  It was half a surprise hearing I had it, and half not. Ruthless testing she gave me a 29-page report. Now I feel so much better knowing I’ll get the right support at university and strategies for everyday living, plus no penalties in my work which is something I really needed.

Also, I can finally label some of my actions as Dyspraxia, not excusing my behaviour but having some reasoning behind it gives me all I need. It is just strange in thinking how much damage it has done for me my entire life.

Despite the help, my brain will always frazzle at organising and numbers, it will always bug me that I can’t focus for long periods of time. But, I guess that’s life.

So although my dyspraxia will never go away, I guess I will have to put up with it. After all, having Dyspraxia has given everyone around me a laugh or two.

I would like to add that if you think your child might have a learning difficulty go get it checked out! Swallow the expense because it really pays off in its ways. If you are not sure, just do it. Being labelled is not nice, especially when it is inaccurate.




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