Does money make you a better person?

This is not reflow blog about money bringing you happiness.

Being brought up in a capitalist world, in a working class family. Money has always played a core part in my life. Watching my mum struggle as we ate tinned meat and mash. Or taking my pack lunch of the cheapest brands whilst everyone ate walkers and chocolate. Having to go without so my mum could get us clarks shoes.  It was not always like that but these memories always ring true. I worked from 13, making sure I had money so I didn’t have to ask and put a burden on mum. It was hard but when I was 17 and had my student loan, I moved out and life began being more and more fixated around money. Worrying about bills, food, car finance and insurance plus a night out which was something I often lived for. I remember the first year I was paying £40 a month on bills and then having to top up £80 every two months to top it up. Rent went up halfway through the year to £410. And I brought a car that was faulty so I had to pluck more money out. It was hard and I know I’m not alone- it happens to everyone. One of many hurdles life loves to throw at you, full force aiming at your face.

I think of all the people I have met in my life time who deserve more than they get. I already know families I would pay for a holiday for if I ever won the lottery. Or pay the rent for those who struggle. I think that in those cases money does make you do nice things.

I’m not here to say when you have no money you can’t be a good person because being that comes from within, consciously thinking of the right, wrong and consequences. But money makes your actions easier. Life today is revolved around money. No one you can’t persuade over money. More often than not you cannot afford acts of kindness. Afford to take every homeless person you see in the street dinner and a place of rest.

or even being to afford to fix someone’s car you damaged on the way to work  or afford to pay for the shopping that time you bumped into that lady and her bags dropped leaving her milk, damaged eggs over her designer bag (you do not know how long it took her to save for that bag). It’s the little acts of kindness or repayment that I’m talking about that just makes that one bit doing it easier

i am in £900 in my overdraft and know that it’ll peak to £-1,500 before I’ll be able to get out of it. Money is important to me.

I just want to know whether you think money makes you a nicer person?


2 Replies to “Does money make you a better person?”

  1. No, money doesn’t make you a nice person. If money made people nice then we wouldn’t have seen an increase in wealth of Billionaires. Its the humanity that makes you a good human. Nothing can be more bigger than humanity.. not even money.


  2. That’s an interesting one. So the increasing wealth of Billionaires….chances are, they are from a rather wealthy background so their empathy and reality is partially distorted from their childhood etc.

    I think you are right though, humanity is more important than money.
    No matter the wealth, money does not explore the whole notion of knowing right from wrong rather humanity.

    Either way, it is rather nice to think of the lovely things you could do with a whole pot of money!


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