Update: Wheres Max?

Wow, this year has not been my year. From my last blog about my partner, Max I was going to move in with him and his sister. Cut a long story short, his sister was just a bit crazy for me from witnessing her abuse our dog, try and take the piss out of me because I did not conform to her ‘South African’ standard! An argument was had and I left. Slept on sofas for a little while.

Now Max, Floyd and I live in our own house! A lovely 2 bedroom house, dining room and off road parking. It needs work doing to it but it is so amazing to have our space and a home, free of judgement and hassle.

Floyd the dog now behaves correctly, which I always knew he was capable of with a bit of routine and love. Anyhow, Max got offered an opportunity with the military to go skiing for three months. I remember when he asked me, casually when having a coffee. I, of course, said yes, not really thinking about it. We soon got engulfed with doing the house up and seeing each other at the weekend, when the weekend arrived when he had to go.

I am not going to be like most military girlfriends and now tell you that we had the most romantic, amazing weekend ever! No, in fact, we argued the Friday, Saturday and stopped on sunday. As quick as we made up, was as fast as we were at it again! I can blame half of it on me really, acting like a child and craving attention, or really, just craving him to say I am not going anymore. Normally he goes away for one week, two, and at times three weeks. But this time its three months and only coming back on Christmas for a couple days.

It dawned on me, that I am going to have to cope with everything on my own. Looking after myself, the house, my uni work, his parents (their down for a month), bills, the dog and my own family….all on my own. The thought just scares me a little. But that’s the problem, I signed up for it when I signed up to Max.



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