To my wonderful sisters,

To my wonderful sisters,

Our family, like most has deep rooted scars, problems and hidden secrets. Our lives were partially built around abuse and love. All six of us has our qwerks and craziness. I’d like to say I am the most normal one, but I know you’ll beg to differ. All three of you though are completely different mothers and completely different sisters. Despite two of you not talking anymore (which i know wont last forever), you really are amazing mothers.

My love for all five of my nieces and nephews is special and is no doubt to you all for raising such beautiful kids. All single mothers at one point or still is, what a credit to your strength. All of you working to provide, doing crazy hours just to multitask the reality of being a mother 24/7 and having to work.

A couple of my nieces and nephews are making some silly mistakes. Watching my sisters feel like its there fault, helpless and struggling with the reality that there destiny is ultimately in there childs hands.

Sister, pregnant at 16 and having a child at 17, you really beat the odds. My nieces dad was off when he found out, left her on her own to bring up a child with her family. You went to university, got a brilliant job and is now sitting on £27,000 a year. My niece struggled with the realisation she didnt have a dad. We all knew it was a matter of time. I remember the time we had a family dinner, discussion came up about fathers day when she said, ‘i dont have to worry about cards and presents, because i dont have one’ and the conversation went dead silent. No one said a word. I guess my sister should have spoken to her then, but she didnt. One time i took my niece for some lunch and shopping, before we drove home she said, ‘aunty ****, why don’t i have a dad? Like was i just born without one’. I feel partially guilty because i looked at her and changed the conversation to the music on the radio trying to hold back my tears. She just looked out the window, sad. It just wasnt my place to tell her (plus i probably wouldnt be able to talk about it without getting angry)

I feel anger to most of their dads, i feel angry that I have witnessed some amazing moments with all of them, because we are the 11 of us, are all we have. I have also witnessed sad moments. How could some men not want to see a part of them grow, it honestly is such a special thing!

I have utmost respect for my sisters, who are just incredible!

One of my sisters used to smoke pot and party with her friends all the time, the chav and rebel of the family. The day she found out she was pregnant, she quit smoking and became a different person. Obsessed with cleanliness, organisation and routine. The day she gave birth, she began caring for my mum too- helping me out! She just is so generous and kind. When he was under 5 she studied hard getting as many qualifications as she could, once she hit her aim she went and got a good job too. Shes now working 55 hours a week just to be able to give my nephew an amazing Christmas

I am purposely taking out my personal opinion about them all because this is something i know they are all amazing at, mothers,  i would love to one day have the guts to say it to them.




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