A simple lifestyle change: Getting up early

I always wanted to get up early and be one of those people that had there life up  together. But the late nights and the sound of my alarm always led me to stay in bed to the last possiblist moment. So I started watching youtube videos telling me to start going to sleep half an hour earlier, and get up half and hour earlier. Which just never worked. So months passed and I had to get up at 5 to travel up north for something. That night I was so tired I went to sleep way earlier than usual. That was it. I just went to sleep at normal time, forced myself to get up for the couple of days and my night time routine completely changed and I was able to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. So my day used to start roughly at 8.30am, now starts at 6am. I am not going to lie and say its easy, because it is a daily battle.

Since waking up at this time, has enabled me to get a few extra hours in the day without disturbance. I have time to look suitable for the day, eat a mediocre breakfast and walk the dog, even before people have woken up.

This was just a short post to tell those who are constantly struggling to do it, that it is possible and it is worth it. I feel so much more organised in my life and more positive because even when I am stressed I can do it the following morning.

Here is my Morning Routine

5.55am alarm

6am up, coffee and feed the dog

6.30am shower, skin care routine, make up and get ready

7.10am breakfast and quick dog walk

7.45 am on my laptop and I begin work

This may not sound too early because I only start work at 7.45am but for me personally it is such a relief to get all the things done and get a good night sleep.

I wont bore you with the generic tips of, setting your alarm away from your bed etc because as stated; its all over youtube.





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