How I’m keeping on top. Organisational

I hope this blog doesn’t sound too cliche, but here it goes.

Recently I have undergone many changes to my life, to working full time, looking after a dog, self studying an a level, caring for my mum, maintaining the house, relationship, friends and right at the buttom of the pile, me.

It it has taken me a couple months to get into the swing of it and I can finally say I have got my self into a routine where I don’t feel too trapped in the mundane. Here are some small generic things that have helped me.

1) wake up early, not too early whereby you wouldn’t have enough hours sleep to function. But get yourself in a good routine. I always wake up 2 hours before work, 45 minutes to travel, 1 hr 15 minutes to make myself look normal, walk the dog and a quick 20 minute tidy up, this has enabled me to have time to respond to some emails and makes me feel ready for the day

2) 20 minute clean everyday, if you are like me and struggle to keep on top of the house work, spend at least 20 minutes every morning or before bed to just wipe down and clean up. I say 20 minutes because it’s short enough to make a difference, not long enough to feel you can’t do it and often you can carry on for more. But get yourself into the habit of this everyday

3) don’t be too harsh on yourself and have your priorities right. Don’t be afraid to say no, I did so much for my mum before, when she realised I struggled to cope she managed to do some stuff by herself. People will understand. But keep your priorities in the right place.

4) planner- get a good planner that works for you. I have a ring binder one that keeps letters etc in. This is handy for making appointments and coming up with loose plans per week. Please, please, please use sticky notes, I never realised how useful they could be, I always put in plans that are not set in stone, or things I’d like to get done but don’t know when. Plus you don’t feel guilty if you don’t do it

5) have something to look forward to. Even if it’s pay day, be organised and plan your budget etc. Plan how your going to utilise your money. Book a holiday, plan a night in with friends. Just something that’s gunna keep you going

6) cook and freeze. Cook and save. Atleast once a week I will cook a proper simple healthy dinner and freeze it, this will do half my lunches for the week. Just means you don’t have to buy when you are out. This can then enable you to plan your lunches for the week which will give you a little less stress but still the freedom of eating what you want.

7) relax  don’t forget about yourself. Get to bed at a certain time. Have a bath time a couple nights a week so you can relax of not always having to have a shower  put oils in your hair and a face masque. Have a night off from doing stuff. Building yourself up, being stressed, over worked, hungry and tired will just wear you down

8) be organised but start small. I would say I am organised to my friends, I have routines, goals, and structure but that is only because I don’t have too much freedom on when I can do things however, don’t be harsh on yourself. Just have set things and times you need to get certain things done, start small and fill the rest of the time with stuff you want. Over time you will notice you just wanna get errands done so you can relax.

9) fortnightly organiser, I have a list of small areas I want to organise whether it be wardrobe, a draw, a cupboard. I keep it in my planner and once every weekend or fortnight I make sure I spend some time declutterimg and organising that small space. Because it’s not often and I get my partner to help it becomes manageable and a small way of helping the household.


I know these things are generic but have helped me go from keeping my eyes over water, to feeling like I am getting there. It’s offered me grounds to keep improving. Often people preach organising everything down to the T but for some people like me, just makes it ever so easy not to follow and keep up.


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